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IR Forehead Thermometer(TB-200 Series)

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Product Description

* Multipurpose (Wide Measurement Range)
Wide-range measurement from 0 to 100 (32.0~212.0). Taking the body temperature as well as the followings;
- Milk in nursing bottle
- Baby's bath water
- Ambient temperature; Room temperature

* Comfortable and Convenient Use
- Non-invasive type: A kinder, gentler way of taking a temperature with a light stroke across the forehead
- Can be used on a sleeping baby or child.
- No probe filter is needed.
- Temperature can be given in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

* User-Friendly Functions and Design
- Backlight : Enable night time viewing
- memory : Store and recall the last eight readings taken
- Auto-off : Automatically shuts off after 1 minutes of non-use
- A lightweight streamlined design : Protective and sleek cover
- Easy-to-read LCD display

* Accurate and Reliable
- Measures body temperature 12times per second for three second to produce an accurate reading
- Innovative method of temperature assessment using advanced infrared sensor and the complete calibration control. It has been clinically proven in hospitals and proven to be more than other types of thermometer.

* Ready Time "0.03 Second"
The innovative algorithm enables re-measurement of temperature in approximately 0.03 second.

* Data Communication via Infrared Sensor
Multipurpose linking up host applications (e.g.: Patient monitor)

* Various Type of " Thermo Buddy" Series
- Home : TB-200,210
- Hospital : TB-200H
- OEM : TB-220

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